Learning The Right Way To Groom A German Shepherd

Published: 27th March 2008
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Even if you don't bath your German Shepherd often, regular grooming is essential. By maintaining proper grooming procedures you can reduce your dog's chance of having skin problems while keeping the coat shiny. It is best to maintain grooming every night, but first do eight to twelve weeks of moderate grooming. To manage the double coat present on a German Shepherd it is best to comb at least twice a week.

During the shedding season the normal shedding of a German Shepherd becomes much worse so you should consider using a shedding blade or similar tool since you will need proper training before you can use a shedding blade. When grooming your German Shepherd you should use a metal rake to take out the mats in the undercoat around the neck, chest and thigh areas. After bathing it is best to use a modern high velocity dryer to remove excess water instead of the hand fluff method. Always go in the direction of hair growth when you are brushing your dog.
It may also be a good idea to give a haircut when grooming your German Shepherd. To remove the long hairs under the feet and any stray hairs around the feet you can simply use a pair of quality scissors. Rather, brush in the opposite direction of growth and then do a light brushing in the direction of hair growth if you want a fluffier or fuller looking coat.

To give the dog an overall neat appearance another alternative is to use thinning shears. To make your German Shepherd look heavier boned you should use selective thinning. This technique is also helpful in controlling the year round shedding of this breed of dog. In addition, grooming your German Shepherd should include focusing on the toenails, ears and teeth. Check the nails while brushing and trim them as needed in order to avoid the split or broken nails that come with unattended nails that grow too long.
By grooming your German Shepherd you are evenly distributing the oils in the fur which can help prevent matting and tangles. It will also keep the dog looking neat by removing the dead skin cells and loose hair that can clog the coat. While grooming, be very careful not to cut or scratch the dog's skin. To make sure you cover all parts of the dog's coat you should use a combination of brushes and brush heads.

Because German Shepherd's can be easily affected by wheat or other allergies you should carefully select the right dog shampoo. One option is oatmeal shampoo but you will have to bathe the dog more often since it leads to a faster buildup of material. Aloe shampoo is another good idea as long as you don't have to worry about fleas. You can keep your German Shepherd looking well-groomed all the time by using proper grooming techniques.

An owner of two German Shepherds, Jan Ryan knows the proper grooming procedures for the breed. Even though a lot of grooming isn't required, you need to follow the right procedures when doing proper German Shepherd grooming. Your dog will look great all year round if you follow proper German Shepherd grooming tips.

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